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Industry Focused Insurance Solutions!

Motor Car Insurance

This is the most common of GNIC policies and it provide several types of cover for a vehicle owners and motorists.

Travel Insurance

For the travelers this policy provides a cover for death or injury during travel periods all over the world

Life Assurance

Endowment, Term Assurance, Mortgage Protection, Child Education Protection, Family Income, and Accidental Death.


Contents of private dwelling houses and business premises may be insured against loss or damage arising from burglary.


Whenever you have to ship any goods, you will need a Marine Insurance Policy. Such a policy will cover risks of loss or damage to the goods at sea or while in transit by inland waterways or roads

Building Structural Insurance

This cover reinstate an insured building (and / or its walls, gates or fences) damaged by other bodies such as cars, any other road vehicles or animals.

Fire Insurance

Under the GNIC fire insurance policy, buildings, personal effects and household appliances may be insured against loss or damage caused by an outbreak of fire. They may not succeed in preventing the fire, but if it should occur, they will compensate you adequately for the resulting losses and put you back were you were before the fire. In addition to the basic fire cover, GNIC can also offer you adequate protection against financial loss arising from risks allied to fire outbreak.

Group & Personal Accident

This policy is specially designed to cover death or bodily injury caused by accidental means. It is important to each one of us considering the various types of risks we are all exposed to in our daily lives, at home, work,